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We report on the variation of K-shell X-ray output of an argon Z-pinch as a function of the radial gas distribution. The tests, conducted on the Double-EAGLE simulator at /spl sim/3.5-MA peak current, utilized a 12-cm-diameter double-shell nozzle that was designed for use with the 300-ns rise-time current pulse (/spl sim/6 MA) of the DECADE QUAD pulsed(More)
rn Rainwater was collected and analyzed for trace metals by graphite furnace atomic absorption spectroscopy (GFAAS) and proton-induced X-ray emission (PME). For the PIXE analysis, a nonselective preconcentration technique was used to dry the samples onto polystyrene films. Good agreement was found in the concentrations for the elements determined in common(More)
Our study was designed to look for interactions between fast movements and pre-existing voluntary tonic motor activity when both motor acts employ the same muscles. Five normal subjects performed a continuous sequence of two motor tasks about their right elbow joint: A tonic isometric extension (slowly increasing or decreasing) against a force transducer,(More)