H. B. Mitchell

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Type II fuzzy sets are a generalization of the ordinary fuzzy sets in which the membership value for each member of the set is itself a fuzzy set in 1⁄20; 1 . We introduce a similarity measure for measuring the similarity, or compatibility, between two type-II fuzzy sets. With this new similarity measure we show that type-II fuzzy sets provide us with a(More)
Intuitionistic fuzzy sets are a generalization of ordinary fuzzy sets which are characterized by a membership function and a non-membership function. In this paper we consider the problem of ranking a set of intuitionistic fuzzy numbers. We adopt a statistical viewpoint and interpret each intuitionistic fuzzy number as an ensemble of ordinary fuzzy numbers.(More)
For a high-quality real-time image compression at moderate bit-rates the equi-spaced 3-level block truncation coding algorithms is an attractive coding method. Unfortunately, the present-day equi-spaced 3-level algorithms are not optimum (in the mean square error sense). In this paper we describe a new equi-spaced 3-level algorithm which is fast and has(More)