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Survivors of high-risk surgical operations were previously observed to have significantly higher mean CI, DO2, and VO2 than nonsurvivors. The hypothesis was proposed that increased CI and DO2 are circulatory compensations for increased postoperative metabolism. We tested this hypothesis in two series. In series 1, prospectively allocated by services,(More)
The objective was to test prospectively supranormal values of cardiac index (CI), oxygen delivery index (DO2I), and oxygen consumption index (VO2I) as resuscitation goals to improve outcome in severely traumatized patients. We included patients > or = 16 years of age who had either (1) an estimated blood loss > or = 2000 mL or (2) a pelvic fracture and/or(More)
In a series of 253 high-risk surgical patients, we measured the oxygen consumption (VO2) at frequent intervals before, during, and immediately after surgical operations and calculated the rate of VO2 deficit from the measured VO2 minus the VO2 need estimated from the patient's own resting preoperative control values corrected for both temperature and(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the reliability of the vital signs to evaluate circulatory stability as reflected by cardiac index. DESIGN Descriptive analysis based on data gathered prospectively, using a predetermined protocol. SETTING University-run county hospital, with a large trauma service. PATIENTS Sixty-one high-risk trauma patients with accidental(More)
Hemodynamic and oxygen transport effects of dopamine and dobutamine were studied in a series of 25 critically ill postoperative general surgical patients by a prospective, randomized crossover design after maximal response to fluids had been obtained. Dopamine increased MAP, HR, CI, PvO2, DO2, and Qsp while decreasing PaO2. Dobutamine increased HR, CI, SI,(More)
Fibrin glue made with highly concentrated human fibrinogen and clotting factors was evaluated as a means of preventing pancreatic fistulas in 15 patients operated on for traumatic and nontraumatic conditions. Fibrin glue was applied directly to penetrating pancreatic injuries, pancreatic suture and staple lines in patients treated by partial resection, and(More)
Cost containment is important in this time of inner-city economic and health-care crisis. This paper examines patients who were treated for gunshot wounds (GSWs) of the extremities. During the study period 1978 through 1992, 16,316 patients (18,349 extremities) were treated for extremity GSWs. Nine patients with asymptomatic injuries in proximity to(More)
The aim of the present study was to examine the essential problems in a retrospective study of 381 organ injuries in 260 patients, to identify problems, to define criteria, to describe decision rules, and to organize these rules into branch-chain decision trees or clinical algorithms. The basic hypothesis of this study is that criteria organized into a(More)
This article describes four patients with perforated gastroduodenal ulcers related to smoking "crack" cocaine. All patients came to the hospital with acute abdominal pain; only one patient had a history of ulcer disease. Only one patient had an elevated white blood cell count, and two patients had depressed white blood cell counts. In three patients, the x(More)
In the present in vitro study, we investigated the duration of action and antibacterial effects of nonautologous fibrin glue (FG) combined with antibiotics (Abs) including Ciprofloxacin, Teicoplanin, Cefoxitin, and Gentamicin; the effect of FG alone on bacterial growth was also evaluated. The rate of Ab diffusion from combined FG-Ab clots was evaluated by(More)