H. B. D. Kettlewell

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The development of the evolutionary thought has been connected with the scientific work of several outstanding lepidopterologists: O. Staudinger, S. S. Četverikov, B. L. Astaurov, E. B. Ford, H. B. D. Kettlewell, G. de Lattin, E. Suomalainen. The scientific work of Professor Lorković worthily can be associated to these important researchers. He has been(More)
Biston betularia, the Peppered Moth (previously placed in the genera Amphidasys and Pachys), is one of about 70 species of Macrolepidoptera occurring in this country which are at present in the process of changing their populations from light to dark. This is referred to as Industrial Melanisni. In nearly every instance it results in the substitution of a(More)
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