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The concept of Scale-Changing Network is reported for the electromagnetic modeling of complex planar structures composed of a collection of metallic patterns printed on a dielectric surface and whose size covers a large range of scale. Examples of such multi-scale structures are provided by multi-band frequency-selective surfaces, finite-size arrays of(More)
A scale changing approach is proposed for the electromagnetic modeling of phase-shifter elements used in reconfigurable microelectromechanical system (MEMS)-controlled reflectarrays. Based on the partition of the discontinuity plane in planar sub-domains with various scale levels, this technique allows the computation of the phase shift from the simple(More)
All the components needed for a 4 times 4 Nolen matrix have been presented for application in multi-layer SIW technology. In particular, a novel 2-layers SIW broad-band coupler has been introduced. The wide coupling dynamic range of this coupler, being stable over a relatively wideband (up to 2 GHz in the Ku-Band), makes it a reliable element for building(More)
An original and flexible pyramidal antenna for satellite or terrestrial application services is presented. The ground plane of the antenna is perforated and loaded with a cutoff open-ended waveguide: this original configuration leads to a good tradeoff between rear radiation and impedance matching. Trap-loads are used to achieve multiband operation while(More)
A new iterative method for scattering problems is presented. This method is based on the tact that cut-off waves excited by a given source are shunted by pure reactive impedance and we consider that such waves come back to the source. This approach is applied to many scattering problems by perfectly conducting bodies and seems to be efficient, particularly(More)
A novel design of a highly sensitive wireless passive RF strain transducer is presented based on a patch antenna loaded with an open loop that is capable of sensing strain independently in two directions. An original idea of utilizing a cantilever at the gap of the open loop significantly improves the sensitivity of resonant frequency shifts. The frequency(More)
In this paper a new type of low cost, smart and high sensitivity pressure micro-sensor is designed based on electromagnetic transduction principle, which can be used for long distance covering measurement. As it will be shown in this paper, the resulting pressure cell presents a high sensitivity to the applied pressure, is compatible with fully passive(More)
A scale changing approach is proposed for analyzing the electromagnetic scattering from discrete self-similar (e.g., log-periodic or pre-fractal) planar structures. Such structures present metallic patterns at multiple scale levels and are viewed here as the superposition of multiple domains enclosed with appropriate boundary conditions. In each domain(More)
This letter addresses the miniaturization of the open-ended quadrifilar helical antenna for satellite VHF frequency band telemetry links systems. The miniaturization is achieved using combinations of sinusoidal profiles, and several designs are obtained using an optimization process based on intensive electromagnetic simulations. The design and experimental(More)