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The overall characteristics of the composites cured with a number of newly synthesized, tertiary aromatic amines compare favorably to those of resins polymerized with commonly used accelerators. Maximum compressive and tensile strength for the composites are obtained only over a narrow concentration range of accelerator used.
Yellow mixtures form on adding essentially colorless N,N-dimethyl-p-toluidine (DMPT) to colorless methacrylate monomers containing phthalate, isophthalate, or terephthalate diester groups. The color-causing interactions between the amines and monomers were investigated using ultraviolet spectroscopy. Equations were derived from predicting interactions(More)
These tests showed that DMBA, a recently commercialized amine accelerator, is more suitable from the standpoint of color for use in denture base, reline, and repair resins than is the commercially used amine, DMPT. As the curing times of all specimens were approximately the same, the mechanical properties are expected to be similar for the following(More)
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