H. Anthony Barker

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This study investigated whether children's fears could be un-learned using Rachman's indirect pathways for learning fear. We hypothesised that positive information and modelling a non-anxious response are effective methods of un-learning fears acquired through verbal information. One hundred and seven children aged 6-8 years received negative information(More)
Biosimilars are similar, but non-identical, versions of existing biological drugs for which patents have expired. Despite the rigorous approval process for biosimilars, concerns have been expressed about the efficacy and safety of these products in clinical practice. Biosimilars of filgrastim, based on the originator product Neupogen®, have been available(More)
Direction-dependent dynamic systems are defined, and Wiener models for them are described. For first-order systems with pseudo-random binary inputs, optimising the model parameters by cross-correlation function matching methods based on analysis gives excellent results. For first-order systems with inverse-repeat pseudo-random binary inputs, optimisation by(More)
Theoretical results for the output and the input–output crosscorrelation function are derived for ÿrst order direction-dependent processes perturbed using pseudo-random maximum length ternary (MLT) signals with unsymmetrical signal levels. The analytical results are valid if the process output is either always increasing or always decreasing when the input(More)
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