H. Ali

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An intact chemotactic response is vital for leukocyte trafficking and host defense. Opiates are known to exert a number of immunomodulating effects in vitro and in vivo, and we sought to determine whether they were capable of inhibiting chemokine-induced directional migration of human leukocytes, and if so, to ascertain the mechanism involved. The(More)
This article proposes an adaptive fuzzy logic based decentralized scheduling mechanism that will be suitable for dynamic computing environment in which matchmaking is achieved between resource requirements of outstanding tasks and resource capabilities of available workers. Feasibility of the proposed method is done via real time system. Experimental(More)
Colonic tumour cells possess a cell surface protease capable of binding 9-aminoacridine to its active centre, thus locating cells when viewed under a fluorescence microscope. In vivo and in frozen sections, the enzyme is masked by a protein inhibitor. This inhibitor can be displaced by formaldehyde fixation of the tissue and then replaced by adding a fresh(More)
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