H Albin

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Following oral administration in the fasting healthy subject, the mean maximum concentration of tianeptine is 334 +/- 79 ng/ml. Absorption of tianeptine from the tablet form is rapid and complete. Maximum plasma concentration is obtained by the first hour following administration (0.94 +/- 0.47 h). Absolute bioavailability is 99 +/- 29%. Tianeptine is thus(More)
Imipramine was used to treat 18 depressed inpatients for 22 days. Imipramine 2 mg/kg/day was administered from day 0 to day 14 intramuscularly, and 4 mg/kg/day was administered orally from days 15-21. Two pharmacokinetic studies were performed, the first at the end of the intramuscular phase (day 14) and the second at the end of the oral phase (day 21).(More)
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