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Kumamoto University provides an e-Learning program for local citizens called as "e-Learning Station" supported by the Community Contribution Special Support Activities Budget, which was established to promote contributions to the community by national universities. The e-Learning Station did trial content delivery during spring, 2004, in order to check a(More)
A Position regulated Speed Control device (PSC) derived from a current automatic speed control device, reduces the tasks of drivers in highway driving and is expected highly effective in preventing rear-end collisions. The PSC can recognize the preceding vehicle on the same lane, and control vehicle speed in order to maintain the predetermined distance(More)
The non-thermal, chemically active plasma is one of the promising technologies for the removal of the hazardous environmental pollutants. Pulsed streamer discharges in atmospheric pressure gases have received a great deal of interest for many years. It is very important to know the propagation mechanism of streamer discharges in order to improve the energy(More)
Innovative Ph.D. program has been conducted to produce young scientists of a top level in the world. This program has been supported by the Ministry of Education, Japan, as one of 21st century COE (Center of Excellence) programs. Ten professors with different specialty educate Ph.D. students through a weekly COE seminar, a training camp, an international(More)
Pulsed power technology has been used in many applications such as control of NO X and SO X from exhaust gases, treatment of dioxins, removal of volatile organic compounds, and generation of ozone. Since the pulse width of the applied voltage has a strong influence on the energy efficiency of the removal of pollutants, the development of a short pulse(More)
The photo-induced alignment of liquid crystal onto a photochemical stable azo dye film is studied for the liquid crystal display (LCD) applications. The photoaligning of azo dye takes place due to the pure reorientation of the molecular absorption oscillators perpendicular to the UV-light polarization. The order parameters S= -0.4 (80% of the maximum(More)
This paper describe the high-voltage pulsed discharge generated in water with different types of bubbling gases as well as no gas in a reactor with a point-mesh electrode configuration. The pulsed discharges are a promising technique in environmental remediation to treatment of wastewater. Acid orange 7organic dye solution was treated as a common wastewater(More)
Kumamoto University implements basic courses of information technologies as required subjects of all faculties from 2002. They can be assumed as large-scale courses because there are approximately 1,800 learners respectively. They are managed by sharing the identical contents in the blended learning style. WebCT is applied as a LMS from 2003. For the(More)
The photoinduced alignment of a liquid crystal (LC) on films of azo dyes was studied for the liquid crystal display applications. In order to improve the alignment stability of the photoaligned dye (SD-1), the azo-dye derivative with polymerizable terminal groups was synthesized (SDA-1). The films of SDA-1 exhibit good photoalignment properties and(More)