H. Akikawa

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H. Takahashi,1,* J. K. Ahn,1, H. Akikawa,1 S. Aoki,2 K. Arai,3 S. Y. Bahk,4 K. M. Baik,5 B. Bassalleck,6 J. H. Chung,7 M. S. Chung,5 D. H. Davis,8 T. Fukuda,9,‡ K. Hoshino,10 A. Ichikawa,1 M. Ieiri,9 K. Imai,1 Y. H. Iwata,7 Y. S. Iwata,7 H. Kanda,1,§ M. Kaneko,7 T. Kawai,10 M. Kawasaki,7 C. O. Kim,5 J. Y. Kim,11 S. J. Kim,11 S. H. Kim,12 Y. Kondo,1,k T.(More)
The beam commissioning of J-PARC LINAC has been started in November 2006. Beam position monitors (BPMs) which had been calibrated on the bench setup with a scanning wire, take beam-based-calibration method in order to enable the beam to pass at the centre of a quadrupole magnet (Q-magnet). In this presentation, the installed BPMs and their calibration(More)
In the J-PARC LINAC, there are mainly two requirements for calibration of beam position monitors (BPMs). One is that BPMs need to be calibrated with the accuracy of less than about a hundred micrometers to minimize beam loss for the world highest class of proton intensity. The other is that about a hundred of BPMs need to be calibrated and maintained(More)
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