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The aim of the present study (part of an EU AIR programme on boar taint) was to make objective the perception of boar taint in entire male pork, and to relate the perception to skatole and androstenone levels. Trained analytical sensory panels in seven European countries assessed pig meat with known levels of androstenone and skatole. The panels performed a(More)
The effect of the dominant RN(-) allele on technological and sensory meat quality of loin and ham from pigs, crossbred from Landrace × Yorkshire sows and one Hampshire sire heterozygous for the RN(-) allele was studied. The non-carriers of the RN(-) allele and the purebred Yorkshire pigs were similar regarding most of the technological traits. In comparison(More)
There has long been debate over the relative importance for consumer acceptability of androstenone and skatole. The objective of this study was to investigate consumer reaction to pig meat of varying levels of androstenone and skatole in seven member states of the European Union. Over 4000 entire male pigs (and 233 gilts as a control) were produced in six(More)
The present study addresses sensory quality and liking for pork (eight samples) varying in quality due to adrenaline injection resulting in elevated ultimate pH post-slaughter (24h), meat ageing, cooking temperature and warmed-over flavour (WOF) among consumers (n=288) in Scandinavia. The consumers preferred meat with higher pH (pH(24h)=6.0), cooked to the(More)
Slices of beef were inoculated with about 3.5 log cfu/cm2 of Lactobacillus sp. 93 SMRICC 235 (homofermentative) or Leuconostoc sp. 89 SMRICC 189 and stored in 5% CO2 + 95% N2 at 4 degrees C. The microbial, chemical (glucose, L-lactate, D-lactate, acetate, formate, ethanol, H2S) and sensory changes of the beef slices were studied. For beef inoculated with(More)
The objective of the present study was to evaluate the influence of two diets containing either Brussels sprouts or inulin/rape seed cake, compared with a standard diet (control) for slaughter pigs on flavour and odour attributes and sensory profile of cooked pork. Three weeks prior to slaughter 24 female pigs were allocated to three diets: (1) a standard(More)
An international study has been conducted in order to determine the respective contributions of androstenone and skatole to boar taint and their possible variations according to production systems and consumer populations. The presentation of the study and the main results concerning skatole and androstenone levels and data from sensory evaluation or(More)
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