H A Struyker Boudier

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The haemodynamic responses to electrical and chemical stimulation of the periaqueductal or central grey (CG) was investigated in urethane-anaesthetized rats. CG stimulation resulted in a characteristics pattern of mesenteric and renal vasoconstriction accompanied by modest hindquarter vasodilatation. This haemodynamic response was also accompanied by(More)
The influence of different pretreatments upon locomotor stimulation, induced by injection of ergometrine into the nucleus accumbens of rats, was investigated. The noradrenergic antagonists phenoxybenzamine and propranolol and the serotonin antagonist methysergide produced no clear changes. Reserpine, alone or in combination with alpha-MPT, considerably(More)
1. Various drugs were injected stereotactically into the brain of anaesthetized rats. 2. Noradrenaline injected into the area of the nucleus of the tractus solitarius in the lower brain stem or into the far anterior hypothalamus/pre-optic region induced a fall in blood pressure and heart rate related to the administered dose. 3. When injected into the(More)
Noradrenaline (NA) induced a decrease in blood pressure and heart rate when injected into specific areas in either the medulla oblongata or the hypothalamus. In the medulla the area of the nucleus tractus solitarius was specifically sensitive to NA; in the hypothalamus depressor effects were obtained only after NA injections into the anterior(More)
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