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A computer-assisted method of isolating single motor units (MUs) by multiple point stimulation (MPS) of peripheral nerves is described. MPS was used to isolate 10-30 single MUs from thenar and hypothenar muscles of normal subjects and patients with entrapment neuropathies, with the original purpose of obtaining a more representative mean motor unit(More)
In patients with myasthenia gravis neuromuscular transmission has been tested in individual hypothenar and thenar motor units using trains of near threshold electrical stimuli delivered to the motor nerve. The most important observations included: (1) the proportion of motor units with pathological decrements varied from 0 to 90%, (2) the decrements in(More)
Following inadvertent spinal anesthesia for delivery, a patient developed incapacitating post-lumbar puncture headache that persisted for 9 weeks. Scintigrams of the lumbar region, obtained after injection of 99mTC-human serum albumin into the cisterna magna, showed the cerebrospinal fluid leak. Blood patch repair was carried out, with immediate relief of(More)
A method, multiple point stimulation, has been reported to isolate 5-20 single hypothenar or thenar motor units for investigation. This method is attractive for testing neuromuscular transmission because the required stimulus intensities are much less than for supramaximal nerve stimulation, and movement artefact is less of a problem. In this investigation(More)
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