H. A. Fatmi

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We report the case of a menopausal 74-year-old patient who presents pyorrhoea for 6months. We suspect initially a carcinoma process, but the anatomopathological examination takings obtained by biopsy curettage of the endometrial under hysteroscopy is in favor of an inflammatory infiltrate with epithelioid and giant cells of type Langhans and type Muller(More)
An algorithm to dynamically reallocate t h e database files in a computer network is presented. The proposed algorithm uses the best fi? approach to allocate and delete beneficial file copies. A key problem of economical estimation of future access and update pattern is discussed and an algorithm based on the Gabor-Kolmogorov leaming process is presented to(More)
In many countries (such as Belgium, Germany, France, Japan, Switzerland, and United Kingdom), deep argillaceous formations are considered as potential host rocks for geological disposal of high-level and intermediate-level long-lived radioactive wastes. Some of these countries are investigating the suitability of high compacted clay-rich rocks at depths(More)
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