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—Two novel designs for compact reconfigurable antennas are introduced for wireless communication devices. These designs solve the steering frequency problem by tracking the desired resonance frequency or by generating various operating frequency bands to be selected electronically. In the first design, the length of the rectangular defected ground structure(More)
—Three novel shapes of mushroom-like electromagnetic band-gap (EBG) structures are presented in this paper. The three shapes are based on rectangular metal strip with different combinations. The performances of the three-shape structures are studied by using both incident plane wave method and transmission coefficient approach. The effect of height and via(More)
Technology has been developing day by day where satellite communication has become daily part of our life. As the technological devices are getting smaller demand for multiband operating antennas are growing faster to the consumers. This paper represents an E shaped Microstrip Patch Antenna for multiband operations in Ku band. The design has been made on(More)
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