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Candida osteomyelitis of the spine and intervertebral disc developed in three patients without evidence of back trauma of overlying cutaneous infection. Two patients were prone to the development of disseminated candidiasis by the use of multiple antibiotics and other predisposing modalities following abdominal surgery. One patient had no identifiable cause(More)
A comparison of 13 vegetarian Seventh Day Adventists with 14 nonvegetarian Adventists revealed relatively few statistically significant differences in fecal flora. A separate study involved a comparison of vegetarian Adventists (49 subjects), nonvegetarian Adventists (45), and non-Adventists on a conventional American diet (31) re: the incidence of the C.(More)
Several observations have been reported which suggest that the intact rat erythrocyte is able to synthesize and destroy glutathione (GSH). Anderson and Mosher (1) detected radioactivity in the erythrocyte GSH of rats following the administration of Wlabeled cystine. In this laboratory it has been observed that C14-labeled glycine is rapidly incorporated(More)