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Phyllospheric bacteria were isolated from microsites around essential-oil-containing glands of two oregano (Origanum vulgare subsp. hirtum) lines. These bacteria, 20 isolates in total, were subjected to bioassays to examine their growth potential in the presence of essential oils at different concentrations. Although there were qualitative and quantitative(More)
A means for eliminating ice-nucleation-active (INA) bacteria, the microorganisms responsible for frost damage to plants at mild freezing temperatures, is the use as competitors of other naturally occurring, non-nucleating strains. Inactive mutants (INA-) of INA bacteria have been produced by genetic or chemical methods and proposed for biological control of(More)
Antibodies elicited in rabbits by immunization with an N(6)-benzyladenosine-bovine serum albumin conjugate bound N(6)-benzyladenosine specifically. The affinity constants and specific binding site concentrations for a number of cytokinins and related compounds were estimated by nonlinear least squares analysis of direct or competitive ultrafiltration data.(More)
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