H. A. Ali

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Exposure to high levels of aluminum (Al) leads to neurodegeneration, which may be mediated through over-generation of free radicals. So, in the present study, we investigated the ability of both quercetin and omega 3 to ameliorate adverse effects of Al on brain antioxidants by monitoring the main brain antioxidant enzymes on molecular and cellular levels.(More)
Effects of antioxidants on the quality and genomic stability of induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells were investigated with two human iPS cell lines (201B7 and 253G1). Cells used in this study were expanded from a single colony of each cell line with the addition of proprietary antioxidant supplement or homemade antioxidant cocktail in medium, and(More)
OBJECTIVES To investigate the mechanisms of the anti-hyperglycemic effect of Costus speciosus (C. speciosus) root ethanolic extracts (CSREt) by assessing its action on insulin synthesis and glucose catabolic enzyme gene expression and activities in streptozotocin (STZ) diabetic rats. METHODS This study was carried out at the Biochemical Laboratory,(More)
This study was conducted to identify the regulation of the expression of the cEbf1-3 (chick early B-cell factor 1-3) genes in the pharyngeal arches (PAs), cranial sensory ganglia and placodes. cEbf1 and cEbf3 were mainly expressed in the cranial neural crest cells (NCCs) occupying the PAs, but cEbf2 was expressed in the mesenchymal core. cEbf1-3 were(More)
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