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Problem statement: Generalization feature enhancement of neural networks, especially feed forward structural model has limited progress. The major reason behind such limitation is attributed to the principal definition and the inability to interpret it into convenient structure. Traditional schemes, unfortunately have regarded generalization as an innate(More)
  • Adnan Hadi M. Al-Helali, Hamza A. Ali, Buthainah Al-Dulaimi, A. Mahmmoud
  • 2009
Problem statement: Image fusion is a process by which multispectral and panchromatic images, or some of their features, are combined together to form a high spatial/high spectral resolutions image. The successful fusion of images acquired from different modalities or instruments is a great importance issue in remote sensing applications. Approach: A new(More)
Problem statement: An automated software package is developed for quantifying Luteinizing Hormone (LH) release from pituitary gonadotropes in response to short pulses of gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH). Approach: These computer programs were designed to accommodate the release mechanism that consists of three stages, namely; (1) Production of(More)
Modeling in software engineering application is an important tool for dealing with programming complexity and interrelationship between various parts of any software package during development process. Modeling concept is characterized by focusing only on the relevant details of any problem and ignoring everything else in order to develop software domains(More)
In this paper, the already recognized NP Complete problem which is Travelling Salesman Problem which is also known as TSP, is addressed and its performance is analyzed. For a large and complex data set, a particular neural network is needed to focus on a particular component of the problem, after which combining of all the networks together is required. The(More)
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