H. A. A. El-Saka

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OBJECTIVE To determine the frequency of various types of malignant lymphoma (ML) in the Al-Qassim region of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) according to recently introduced the WHO classification. METHODS For this retrospective analysis, material was available in 385 out of 519 cases diagnosed as ML from 1988-2007. Morphological assessment was followed by(More)
In this paper we present a fractional order generalization of Perelson et al. basic hepatitis C virus (HCV) model including an immune response term. We argue that fractional order equations are more suitable than integer order ones in modeling complex systems which include biological systems. The model is presented and discussed. Also we argue that the(More)
In this paper we present a multi-strain model for hepatitis C virus (HCV) including an immune response term. The model is presented and discussed. Also we argue that the added multi-strain term represents some basic properties of the immune system and that it should be included to study longer term behavior of the disease.
We argue that Ulam-Hyers stability concept is quite significant in realistic problems in numerical analysis, biology and economics. A generalization to nonlinear systems is proposed and applied to the logistic equation (both differential and difference), SIS epidemic model, Cournot model in economics and a reaction diffusion equation. To the best of our(More)
In this paper we consider the fractional order model with two immune effectors interacting with two strain antigen. The systems may explain the recurrence of some diseases e.g. tuberculosis (TB). The stability of equilibrium points are studied. Numerical solutions of this model are given. Using integer order system the system oscillates. Using fractional(More)
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