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Totally 32 cerebrospinal fluid samples from Multiple sclerosis (MS) patients were collected. DNA was extracted by High Pure PCR Template Preparation Kit. Two genomic segments, outer membrane protein genes ompA and omp9, were targeted for the detection of C. pneumoniae DNA in the samples by PCR tests. To detect ompA, a nested-PCR assay was designed, whereas(More)
A medium-latency response (MLR) has been recorded from soleus during stance and walking, and has been attributed to stretch-evoked volleys in group II afferents. The present paper describes a MLR in soleus evoked by stimulating the deep peroneal nerve, documents its characteristics and addresses its likely origin. The MLR of soleus was recorded in healthy(More)
Clinically isolated syndrome (CIS) is a term that describes the first clinical onset of potential multiple sclerosis (MS). The term CIS is typically applied to young adults with episodes of acute or subacute onset, which reaches a peak quite rapidly within 2-3 weeks. In 85% of young adults who develop MS, onset occurs with an acute, CIS of the optic nerves,(More)
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