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The very high nominal ground resolution of OrbView-3 indicates the possible use for mapping up to the map scale 1 : 10000. For OrbView-3 the pixel size projected to the ground is not identical to the ground sampling distance (GSD) – the distance of the neighboured ground pixel centres. By this reason the possibility of object point identification has to be(More)
Recent developments of optical space sensors enable us to use high resolution space images for topographic mapping. Geometric and radiometric resolution are the major factors for identification of objects in space images. Panchromatic and pan-sharpened images of IKONOS and QuickBird, and panchromatic OrbView-3 image are investigated in this study. The(More)
The developments in the remote sensing technology have provided the use of high-resolution images for different purposes if possible. These images can be used for a study such as town planning where high resolution and information content are required. In this study, high resolution panchromatic KVR-1000 image has been employed for extraction of man-made(More)
Examination of geographical position accuracy of Göktürk-2 satellite images by using RFM (Rational Function Model) is the main objective of this work. In order to work in condition of no altitude data, polynomial model has been preferred. Translation model between image coordinates and geographical coordinates has been developed and position accuracy of the(More)
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