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Helicobacter pylori has been investigated in several other organ systems and localizations such as the oral cavity, but has not been investigated extensively in squamous cell carcinoma of the larynx, a region that could be directly exposed to the bacterium by the oral route or gastro-esophageal reflux. Only serological studies are available regarding the(More)
Thyroid cancers account for 0.5-3.0% of all childhood malignancies. These cancers are exceedingly rare at ages younger than 5 years. Although the disease is biologically more aggressive in children when compared with adults, the prognosis is better. There are only few case reports in the literature describing papillary thyroid carcinoma under age 5. In this(More)
The design of a diving regulator's mouthpiece increases the risk of a temporomandibular disorder (TMD) in scuba divers. The total weight of a diving regulator is reflected directly on the temporomandibular joint, causing articular and periarticular disorders. In the current study, the prevalence of TMD in scuba divers triggered during diving certification(More)
OBJECTIVES We investigated topographical anatomic features of the external branch of the superior laryngeal nerve (SLN) in relation to the superior thyroid artery (STA) and its vulnerability to injury in individuals with a normal thyroid size. STUDY DESIGN Thirty fresh cadavers (18 females, 12 males; age range 20 to 50 years) with a normal thyroid size(More)
Reconstruction of defects of the cervical esophagus is a challenge in head and neck surgery. Several methods have been used: flaps with local tissues, pharyngogastric anastomosis, deltopectoral skin flaps, skin muscle transplant from the pectoralis major, and microvascularized free skin fascial and small intestine flaps. A 81-year-old patient who has a(More)
Reports about the extragenital spread of Chlamydia trachomatis (CT) to oropharynx are limited. We report a male patient with progressive tonsillopharyngitis resistant to amoxicillin/clavulanic acid therapy. The patient presented 9 days after an orogenital and oroanal sexual intercourse with a female sex worker. The microimmunofluorescence revealed CT(More)
OBJECTIVES This study aims to evaluate patients who underwent minimally invasive video-assisted thyroidectomy (MIVAT) and to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this technique in the light of literature data. PATIENTS AND METHODS Between May 2008 and February 2009, 20 patients (18 females, 2 males; mean age 44.5±13.6 years; range 23 to 68 years)(More)
BACKGROUND Periodic fever, aphthous stomatitis, pharyngitis and cervical adenitis (PFAPA) syndrome is a common disorder in children but there is little or no consensus on its optimal diagnosis and management. OBJECTIVES To compare the outcome of different management approaches - medical therapy or tonsillectomy. METHODS The medical records of children(More)
A fifty-five-year-old male patient underwent total laryngectomy, bilateral modified radical neck dissection, and primary voice restoration for squamous cell carcinoma of the supraglottic larynx. During surgery the left internal jugular vein was found to be thrombosed and, therefore, ligated and resected. In the early postoperative period, pulmonary(More)
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