Hüseyin Ergin

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We introduce AToMPM, an open-source framework for designing domain-specific modeling environments, performing model transformations, manipulating and managing models. It runs completely over the web, making it independent from any operating system, platform, or device it may execute on. AToMPM offers an online collaborative experience for modeling. Its(More)
AToMPM [3] (A Tool for Multi-Paradigm Modeling) allows one to model and execute model transformations. It provides a graphical user interface to define the metamodels of the input and output languages, define the transformation rules and their scheduling, and execute continuously or step-by-step transformations on given models. The model transformation(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the kidneys with color Doppler ultrasonography (CDUS) to determine whether percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PNL) causes renal parenchymal damage. PATIENTS AND METHODS In 24 patients who underwent unilateral PNL with single renal pole access, cortical thickness, echogenicity, and resistive index (RI) were measured in each pole of the(More)
With its recent adoption by the International Organization for Standardization, we foresee that UML will be systematically used for object-oriented modeling in industry. UML activity diagrams have been typically used to model software and business processes. Due to its semi-formal semantics and high complexity, its advanced constructs such as expansion(More)
In model-driven engineering, most problems are solved using model transformation. However, the development of a model transformation for a specific problem is still a hard task. The main reason for that is the lack of a development process where transformations must be designed before implemented. As in object-oriented design, we believe that “good design”(More)
AIM To determine nitric oxide (NO) levels in serum, urine, tumor tissue and non-malignant adjacent tissue in bladder cancer patients compared with those in patients with a non-neoplastic genitourinary disease and to evaluate postoperative serum and urine NO change. METHODS Samples was collected in 20 cancer and 41 control patients. Griess reagent was used(More)
The Patterns in Model Engineering (PAME) workshop was held on 21 July 2015 as part of the Software Technologies: Applications and Foundations (STAF) conference, in L’Aquila, Italy. The workshop focused on identification, analysis and presentation of patterns across all aspects of modelling and Model-Driven Engineering (MDE), including patterns for(More)