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We introduce AToMPM, an open-source framework for designing domain specific modeling environments, performing model transformations, manipulating and managing models. It runs completely over the web, making it independent from any operating system, platform, or device it may execute on. AToMPM offers an online collaborative experience for modeling. Its(More)
—With its recent adoption by the International Organization for Standardization, we foresee that UML will be systematically used for object-oriented modeling in industry. UML activity diagrams have been typically used to model software and business processes. Due to its semi-formal semantics and high complexity, its advanced constructs such as expansion(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the kidneys with color Doppler ultrasonography (CDUS) to determine whether percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PNL) causes renal parenchymal damage. PATIENTS AND METHODS In 24 patients who underwent unilateral PNL with single renal pole access, cortical thickness, echogenicity, and resistive index (RI) were measured in each pole of the(More)
Model-driven engineering and model transformation have gained significant importance in recent years. However, most model transformation developments are handled without quality in mind. This paper presents a new model transformation design pattern which improves quality in model transformation. We discovered the pattern after solving a specific problem(More)
In model-driven engineering, most problems are solved using model transformation. However, the development of a model transformation for a specific problem is still a hard task. The main reason for that is the lack of a development process where transformations must be designed before implemented. As in object-oriented design, we believe that " good design(More)
—Model transformation is at the heart of model-driven development techniques. The development of model transformations typically consists of designing rewriting rules that are applied on model instances. However, the lack of systematic development methodology and re-use hamper the quality of model transformations. This study presents existing work from the(More)
In this document, a brief overview of my doctoral research is presented. In model-driven engineering (MDE), most problems are solved using model transformation. An efficient process to solving these problems is to apply reusable patterns while solving them. Finding reusable design patterns to specific subsets of problems helps to decrease the time and cost(More)