Hüseyin B. Çevik

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OBJECTIVES To investigate the origin, prevalence, and possible effects of peroneus digiti quinti muscle (PDQ) on the fifth toe, to find out the variations of PDQ by determining the relationship between peroneus brevis muscle (PB) and PDQ, and to reveal its importance for the applications in foot and ankle surgery.  METHODS This study was conducted at the(More)
Mixed aza-oxo-thia macrocyclic ligands 1,3,5,11,13,15-hexaaza-6,10,16,20-tetraoxo-8,18-dithia-2,3,4:12,13,14-dipyridine cyclocosane (L(1)); 1,3,5,12,14,16-hexeaza-6,11,17,22-tetraoxo-8,9,19,20-tetrathia-2,3,4:13,14,15-dipyridine cyclodocosane (L(2)); 1,3,5,13,15,17-hexaaza-6,12,18,24-tetraoxo-9,21-dithia-2,3,4:14,15,16-dipyridine cyclotetracosane (L(3)) and(More)
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