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Purpose : To investigate the impact of oxidative stress on pregnancy success by monitoring malondialdehyde levels in follicular fluid. Methods : Forty five couples were enrolled in this prospective study. Following long protocol of GnRH analogues and r-FSH treatment, oocyte retrieval and intracytoplasmic sperm injection were performed. Malondialdehyde(More)
Iniencephaly is a rare but almost always lethal neural tube defect with the following cardinal features: occipital bone defect, partial or total absence of cervicothoracal vertebrae and fetal retroflexion. Iniencephaly is associated with malformations of the central nervous system, gastrointestinal and cardiovascular system. Prenatally diagnosed cases of(More)
Objective: To compare the effects of frequently used two different regimens of combined continuous hormone replacement therapy; 0.625 mg conjugated equine estrogen (CEE) + 2.5 mg medroxyprogesterone acetate (MPA) and 1 mg 17β estradiol (E2) + 0.5 mg norethindrone acetate (NETA), on endometrial histopathology and postmenopausal uterine bleeding. Materials(More)
Juvenile hyaline fibromatosis (JHF) is an extremely rare hereditary genetic disease of autosomal recessive transmission that is characterized by large cutaneous tumors commonly involving the scalp, papulonodular skin lesions, flexural joint contractures, gingival hyperplasia, and osteolytic bone lesions. JHF is usually diagnosed in young infants and in(More)
To compare the metabolic effects of two frequently used continuous hormone replacement therapies. Two hundred and forty-six menopausal women, aged between 41 and 57 years were enrolled in the present study. They were randomized to receive either estrogen + 2.5 mg medroxyprogesterone acetate (CEE/MPA) or 1 mg 17 <beta> estradiol + 0.5 mg norethindrone(More)
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