Hürevren Kiliç

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A process matchmaking environment based on P2P architecture and Gnutella protocol is established. Java Agent Development Framework (JADE) is used as middleware. The processes are modeled as one-input transition systems augmented by goal state descriptions. A polynomial-time algorithm for handling matchmaking of peer process encounters is developed. The(More)
Online auctions, including online Combinatorial Auctions, are important examples of e-commerce applications. In this paper, a Combinatorial Auction Web Platform (CAWP) is introduced. The platform enables both product selling and buying capabilities that can be realized in a combinatorial way. CAWP supports a Sealed-Bid Single-Unit type of Combinatorial(More)
In this paper, we proposed a metric for P2P networks based on Shannon's L-channel capacity calculation idea. The metric calculates the maximum rate of information (in bits per second) that can be transmitted over P2P network (a.k.a. combinatorial capacity) caused by protocol and overlay-level connectivity. We suggest P2P systems to be modeled as a discrete(More)
Promotion of cooperative behavior in Prisoner's Dilemma (PD) game while players that are allowed to move between different gaming environments (i.e. habitats) is investigated. The stochastic mobile model under study is realized over connected habitats that are situated on a two dimensional grid environment. The players appearing in the same habitat are(More)
The purpose of the study is to investigate potential relationship between agents' socialness and society's behavior predictability in an encounter-based normative action environment. For this purpose, we proposed a hypothesis and tested it against different simulation setups in the context of classical single source shortest path problem. By the end of(More)