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Solitary fibrous tumor is a spindle cell neoplasm mostly originating from pleura; however, it has also recently been reported to be extrapleural. A 57-year-old man presented with left lumbal pain. Ultrasonography and computed tomography showed a cystic lesion of 14 × 11 cm with solid areas and septations in middle and lower poles of the left kidney. Radical(More)
Head trauma is a frequent cause of mortality and morbidity in the pediatric population. Chronic subdural hematoma is the most common traumatic lesion in head injury. Chronic subdural hematomas are rare in children older than 2 years old; they are more frequent during adolescence. Calcified or ossified chronic subdural hematoma is a rare entity that usually(More)
PURPOSE Melatonin, the most potent scavenger of toxic free radicals, has been found to be effective in protecting against pathological states due to the release of reactive oxygen species. This study was performed to establish the effect of high dose melatonin on protection against ischemia- reperfusion (I/R) injury in rat hearts. MATERIALS AND METHODS(More)
AbvDisorders in the functioning of ion channels, especially of Na+ channels, are at present suggested to play a role in the pathogenesis of migraine. Thus, migraine can be considered a channelopathy. The following question, however, remains open: Are such disorders related exclusively to the brain or also to the periphera nervous system? In our study, we(More)
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