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The Syntax of Icelandic
1. Introduction 2. Word order and clause structure 3. Order of elements within the phrases 4. Case, agreement, grammatical relations and thematic roles 5. Passives, middles and unaccusatives 6. Expletive constructions and clauses structure 7. Fronting, focussing, extraposition and NP-shift. Expand
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Two Heads Aren’t Always Better Than One
We propose a novel theory of verb raising in which different surface positions of the finite verb across languages reflect differences in phrase structure in a principled manner. Assuming that theExpand
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Vp-Internal structure and object shift in icelandic
Les As. montrent que si la theorie de la localite de Chomsky est adoptee, il est necessaire de postuler des projections fonctionnelles internes au SV afin de rendre compte du changement d'objet dansExpand
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On Complementation in Icelandic
Part 1. To Be or Not To Be an NP: An Overview of Icelandic Complement Structures 1. Phrase Form Structure 2. Transformational Evidence Part 2. Complement Types and Complement Rules 3. Selection ofExpand
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