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The increasing amounts of heavy metals entering aquatic environments can result in high accumulation levels of these contaminants in fish and their consumers, which pose a serious risk to ecosystems(More)
The driftwood catfish Trachelyopterus galeatus (Linnaeus 1766) is widely distributed in the São Francisco basin in Brazil, having internal fertilization as its reproduction hallmark. Since there are(More)
The present study evaluated for the first time sex steroid profiles and fecundity in females of Prochilodus argenteus from two sections of the São Francisco River Brazil, downstream from the Três(More)
Early ovarian regression was analyzed in the neotropical freshwater teleost, curimatã-pacu (Prochilodus argenteus), in order to evaluate follicular apoptosis, basement membrane morphology, and(More)
Herein we determine for the first time the reproduction parameters and population structure of Hypostomus francisci in the Itapecerica River, São Francisco Basin. A total of 250 specimens was(More)