Hélène Reure

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The effects of ivabradine, a novel heart rate-reducing agent that inhibits the cardiac pacemaker current If, were compared with those of the beta-adrenergic blocker propranolol, in a model of exercise-induced regional myocardial ischemia in pigs. Five Yucatan micropigs were chronically instrumented to measure hemodynamics, regional myocardial contractility,(More)
AIMS The requirement of endothelial NO synthase (NOS3) calcium to produce NO is well described, although the effect of NO on intracellular calcium levels [Ca(2+)](i) is still confusing. Therefore, NO and [Ca(2+)](i) cross-talk were studied in parallel in endothelial cells possessing a functional or a dysfunctional NO pathway. METHODS AND RESULTS(More)
The effects of the two isomers, (+)-S 16257 and (-)-S 16260, of a new bradycardic agent, (+/-)-S 15544 (7,8-dimethoxy 3-[3-[[(4.5-dimethoxybenzocyclobutan-1-yl)methyl] methylamino]propyl]1,3,4,5-tetrahydro-2H-3-benzazepin-2-one), were compared in vitro and in vivo on cardiac spontaneous rate and repolarization time. In the isolated rabbit sino-atrial node,(More)
1 The consequences of the reduced production of nitric oxide (NO) by cells from regenerated endothelium were investigated by measuring membrane potential of smooth muscle cells (SMCs), isometric tension and cyclic nucleotides content in porcine coronary arteries with intimal thickening, four weeks following angioplasty. 2 Under basal conditions, SMCs of(More)
Increased accumulation of lipoproteins and cholesterol within cells from regenerated endothelium may be responsible for their reported dysfunction. This study compared the presence and uptake of oxidized forms of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) in cells derived from native and regenerated endothelium. Four weeks after balloon denudation, primary cultures of(More)
Tianeptine is a clinically effective antidepressant, not chemically related to classical tricyclic compounds. Its mechanism of action preferentially involves central serotoninergic transmissions, by increasing uptake after acute and chronic administration in rat brain and platelets and in human platelets. We studied the effects of tianeptine on three(More)
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