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Substrate-Specific Clades of Active Marine Methylotrophs Associated with a Phytoplankton Bloom in a Temperate Coastal Environment
ABSTRACT Marine microorganisms that consume one-carbon (C1) compounds are poorly described, despite their impact on global climate via an influence on aquatic and atmospheric chemistry. This studyExpand
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Identification of active methylotrophic bacteria inhabiting surface sediment of a marine estuary.
Methylotrophs play an essential role in the global carbon cycle due to their participation in methane oxidation and C1 metabolism. Despite this important biogeochemical role, marine and estuarineExpand
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DNA stable Isotope Probing and Gene Mining
This chapter reviews the state of the art in isolation of new and valuable industrial enzymes from natural biodiversity, and discusses the strengths and weaknesses of each approach and shows howExpand
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Acetate Repression of Methane Oxidation by Supplemental Methylocella silvestris in a Peat Soil Microcosm †
ABSTRACT Methylocella spp. are facultative methanotrophs that grow on methane and multicarbon substrates, such as acetate. Acetate represses transcription of methane monooxygenase of MethylocellaExpand
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