Hélène Minne

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The dexamethasone suppression test (DST) brought to light significantly more non-suppression of cortisol secretion in RDC schizoaffectives of the depressed (89%) and of the manic type (67%) than in RDC schizophrenia (25%). However, only in the RDC endogenous depressives, whose pathological DST rate was 57%, was the thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) response(More)
Geomagnetic activity has a strong half-yearly but no precise yearly component in its spectrum, as Armin Grafe suggested nearly half a century ago. We have postulated elsewhere that non-photic cycles such as those in geomagnetics may have signatures in the biosphere and vice versa that biological rhythms have likely counterparts in the physical environment.(More)
In this prediction study 50 patients with DSM-III major depressive episode were assessed before treatment with respect to symptomatology (Newcastle and Hamilton features), diagnostic sub-types (according to the Newcastle scale and the DSM-III) and neuroendocrinology (DST and TRH-test). Subjects were given 150 mg of amitriptyline daily and the treatment(More)
Rats were treated with lithium chloride over 6 weeks. During the experiment, determinations of serum calcium, magnesium and phosphorus revealed no changes due to the therapy. Postmortem examinations of liver, skeletal muscle, and femur minerals as well as bone histology showed these organs to be unaffected by lithium application. Only body weight gain was(More)
The hypothesis that there is prostaglandin-mediated hypercalcaemia associated with the Walker carcinosarcoma in the rat was tested by measuring PGE production during the development of the hypercalcaemia, and determining the effects of inhibition of prostaglandin synthesis on serum calcium concentration. Parathyroid hormone (PTH) activity was estimated by(More)
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