Hélène Legrand

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The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effects on physical performance of three levels of energy intake during a 5-day period of prolonged physical exercise and relative sleep deprivation. A group of 27 male soldiers were randomly assigned to three groups receiving either 1800 kcal · 24 h−1 (7560 kJ, LC), 3200 kcal · 24h−1 (13440 kJ, MC) or 4200(More)
This study was conducted to test the hypothesis that a branched-chain amino acid (BCAA) supplementation would minimize changes in body composition and alterations in plasma amino acid profile induced by prolonged exercises at altitude. Twenty-four highly trained subjects participated in six successive sessions of ski mountaineering (6-8 hr duration,(More)
The role of nonstressed monitoring of the fetal heart rate (HR) in determining fetal well-being during the antepartum period was assessed in 125 high-risk patients. Observations on HR, variability, and HR response to fetal movement (FM) and uterine contractions (UC) over a 30 minute period were made with an external microphone and tocotransducer. A total of(More)
I n patients with persistent atrial fibrillation (AF), restoration of sinus rhythm can be accomplished by external electrical cardioversion (EEC) with a 70290% success rate. The effectiveness of external cardioversion is linked to transthoracic impedance. Total body weight is a significant factor in determining transthoracic impedance and cardioversion(More)
Real time geometry processing has progressively reached a performance level that makes a number of signal-inspired primitives practical for on-line applications scenarios. This often comes through the joint design of operators, data structure and even dedicated hardware. Among the major classes of geometric operators, filtering and super-sampling (via(More)
Fetal heart rate was studied during the antepartum period in 246 patients, yielding a total of 1964 recordings. The following parameters were evaluated and correlated: --the semi-quantitative assessment of fetal heart rate instability (as expressed by the percentage of duration of flat traces); --the presence of decelerations and their relationship to the(More)
The use of lower body negative pressure (LBNP) is proposed as a means of reducing the effect of spaceflight on body water loss by stimulation of renin angiotensin aldosterone system (RAAS) activity. Seven subjects were successively submitted to LBNP exposure, arm cranking physical exercise, and to a combination of both procedures (LBNP + arm cranking) in(More)
Twenty-five competitive wrestlers restricted their caloric intake (28 kcal.kg-1.day-1) for 19 days, using a hypocaloric control (hC, n = 6), hypocaloric high-protein (hHP, n = 7), hypocaloric high-branched-chain amino acid (hBCAA, n = 6), hypocaloric low-protein (hLP, n = 6) diet to determine the effects of caloric restriction on body composition and(More)
Responses of bioindicator candidates for water quality were quantified in two studies on inshore coral reefs of the Great Barrier Reef (GBR). In Study 1, 33 of the 38 investigated candidate indicators (including coral physiology, benthos composition, coral recruitment, macrobioeroder densities and FORAM index) showed significant relationships with a(More)