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BACKGROUND Little information is available on the epidemiologic characteristics of antibiotic-associated diarrhea (AAD) in children. The authors' aim was to evaluate the incidence of AAD in an outpatient pediatric population and to identify risk factors. METHODS Children aged 1 month to 15.4 years treated with oral antibiotics for a proven or suspected(More)
Till today the meaning of neuromuscular factors in etiology and treatment of congenital dislocation of the hip is not quite clear. Our observation in 62 children with 78 dislocated hips show that neurophysiological mechanisms play of very important role in the development and upkeep of CDH. The neurological examination in 17 children pointed to the typical(More)
The results of uncontrolled studies, in which the period of the delirium tremens was reduced and the intensity was lowered significantly by aprotininum, could not be verified in our double-blind study. Continuing a preliminary double-blind study another group of 20 male patients was examined again to evaluate the effectiveness of aprotininum given in a(More)
Ten chronic schizophrenics were tested by clinical observations, psychological tests (FPI, LEV, d 2) and ratings with the Wittenborn-Psychiatric-Ratings-Scales (WPRS) before and after taking 2-pyrrolidon-acetamid. The improvement of obstructive, apathy, withdrawal and affective flatness in seven patients justify a double-blind psychometric evaluation(More)
In 16 of 19 patients with biopsy-proved Wegener's granulomatosis the early manifestations were limited to the ear and nose. The audiological data of 13 patients revealed middle ear involvement in 16 of 26 ears. Twenty-one of 26 ears presented with a low to moderate sensorineural hearing loss. One ear remained deaf after a sudden hearing loss in the early(More)
Reoperations of the middle ear enable histological and morphometrical examination of explanted autogenetic or allogenetic ossicles. Histological and morphometric study of such ossicles showed a different osteogenesis. In autogenetic ossicles, angiogenetic and appositional osteogenesis could be seen; in allogenetic ones, angiogenesis was predominant.(More)
A group of pediatricians from Northern France whose aim was to develop research projects in ambulatory pediatrics, elaborated a method of rapid assessment of visual acuity that can be applied by the pediatrician in the consulting room. This test was included in the routine examination of children between the age of 2 1/2 and 4, the age of 3 years being the(More)
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