Hélène Hodak

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Unlike other Salmonella, which can infect a broad range of hosts causing self-limiting infection, Salmonella Typhi is an exclusively human pathogen that causes typhoid fever, a life-threatening systemic disease. Typhoid toxin is a unique virulence factor of Salmonella Typhi, which is expressed when the bacteria are within mammalian cells. Here, we report(More)
As you will see, the referees agree on the potential interest of the findings. However referee #1 raises one major concern that will be crucial to address in order to make the manuscript suitable for publication. He/she is concerned that the observed toxin release might not constitute a true secretion system, but might rather occur through an unspecific(More)
Synthetic biology seeks to integrate our knowledge of engineering principles with living systems for novel biological design and fabrication. The central focus of synthetic biology has been to increase the ease, efficiency, and scale of how biological devices and systems can be designed, constructed and manipulated for diverse biological, environmental, and(More)
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