Hélène Demougeot-Renard

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Rivers flowing through urbanized and industrial areas are usually greatly damaged by anthropogenic activities discharging contaminants. Characterizing the spatial distribution of pollutants in sediments is of high importance for selecting a suitable remediation operation, but is a complex task because this spatial variability is the result of various(More)
Sampling scheme design is an important step in the management of polluted sites. It largely controls the accuracy of remediation cost estimates. In practice, however, sampling is seldom designed to comply with a given level of remediation cost uncertainty. In this paper, we present a new technique that allows one to estimate of the number of samples that(More)
Assessing the volume of soil requiring remediation and the accuracy of this assessment constitutes an essential step in polluted site management. If this remediation volume is not properly assessed, misclassification may lead both to environmental risks (polluted soils may not be remediated) and financial risks (unexpected discovery of polluted soils may(More)
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