Hélène Barriere

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Volume-sensitive chloride and potassium currents were studied, using the whole-cell clamp technique, in cultured wild-type mouse proximal convoluted tubule (PCT) epithelial cells and compared with those measured in PCT cells from null mutant kcne1 −/− mice. In wild-type PCT cells in primary culture, a Cl− conductance activated by cell swelling was(More)
According to works of Penneys and Eaglstein on the management of pemphigus with gold compounds, the authors report one observation of chronic pemphigus, in which steroid therapy caused severe psychiatric disorders. The use of gold compounds permitted reduction of the dose of steroids and control of the pemphigus.
A comparative study of the healthy skin of patients who had undergone bone marrow grafting and not developed graft-versus-host disease (GVHD) and of patients with cutaneous lesions of acute GVHD has been carried out. The aim of this study was to assess the diagnostic value of cutaneous immunopathology in the diagnosis of acute GVHD. A double-labelling(More)
In order to analyze intercellular communication between ependymal cells in mammalian brain, we have studied gap junctional communication of ependymal and glial cells in long term primary cultures derived from fetal mouse or rat hypothalamus and choroid plexus obtained in serum supplemented media with two complementary methods: 1) dye transfer of Lucifer(More)
In a double blind randomised investigation in 76 patients, roxithromycin (150 mg bd) and doxycycline (200 mg once daily) were compared in two groups of patients who were well-matched for age, sex, body weight, diagnosis, duration and severity of disease and associated pathological conditions, with infected skin conditions. Clinical effectiveness was 92% for(More)
The organization of tight junctional complexes (TJs) was studied in cultured porcine thyroid cells during the inversion of polarity induced by collagen-embedding of inside-out follicles, using freeze-fracture replicas and lanthanum penetration. During the early steps of polarity reversal, freeze-fractures showed that TJs generally persisted. They increased(More)
Among several monoclonal antibodies (moABs) directed against human interleukin 2 (IL-2), the 15-2 moAB raised in our laboratory against unglycosylated recombinant IL-2 (produced in Escherichia coli) cross-reacted with a human skin epitope. This moAB gave a strong staining on the cell-surface membranes of keratinocytes from the granular layer of the(More)
In this preliminary study the authors consider the data that a Doppler investigation may provide for scleroderma. These data are on three levels. 1) At the diagnostic stage: in case of Raynaud phenomenon the Doppler investigation might allow to establish a diagnosis at an early stage in one of two directions:--whether a Raynaud disease, in case of a normal(More)
Plasma and cutaneous zinc were studied in 22 psoriatic patients and 14 controls. The psoriatics were divided into three groups: 10 extensive psoriasis vulgaris, 5 palmoplantar psoriasis and 7 extensive pustular psoriasis. Low plasma zinc and decreased in vitro chemotaxis of polymorphonuclear leukocytes were found only in extensive pustular psoriasis,(More)