Héctor Vallés Varela

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Large prolactin-secreting tumors are rare and their endocrinological and surgical management may be complex. We report the case of a patient with a prolonged history of unilateral tinnitus and sensation of a stopped-up ear who had a very large, invasive and aggressive tumor of the sphenoidal region with bone destruction, invasion of structures in every(More)
We carry out a cross-sectional study on 1205 workers exposed to industrial noise. After the clinical, analytical and audiological examination, we can't demonstrate any influence of hypertriglyceridemia on noise induced hearing loss. We get a statistically significant relationship between noise and hearing loss only in the group of workers with(More)
Melanomas of upper airway tract constitute around 1% of the total melanomas of head and neck. It's for this reason we cannot forget their location in middle ear, although it is truly rare, and we have only found three cases published in literature. We report a patient of 75 years old, who went to our hospital with otorrhea of two months of evolution, with(More)
Congenital absence of major salivary glands is infrequent, with only a few cases in the world medical literature. We found 30 documented cases in a bibliographic search. We report a case of total agenesia of the parotid gland diagnosed in the course of a study motivated by symptoms of facial pain and the temporomandibular joint. Agenesia of a major salivary(More)
Middle-ear cancer represents 5 to 10% of all ear neoplasms. Risk factors include chronic suppurative pathology of the middle ear and prior irradiation. Most malignant tumors are squamous-cell carcinomas. We report the case of a 51-year-old woman with this process. The ideal treatment is mastoidectomy or pterosectomy followed by radiotherapy. We made a(More)
The auditory training with wide-band white noise is a methodology for the qualitative recovery of the hearing loss in people suffering from sensorineural hearing loss. It is based on the application of a wide-band white modified noise. In a prospective study, we have assessed the modifications of the total auditory threshold (UAt), the conversational(More)
Eustachian tube (ET) disfunction, alone or combined with other factors, is the main source of middle ear pathogenesis and can lead to other physiopathological events that originate disease (serous otitis media, adhesive otitis, cholesteatoma). In seven Wistar rats (study group), experimental mechanical obstruction of the left Eustachian tube was performed.(More)
The present study was designed to investigate the results of homograft of cervical trachea preserved in formaldehyde. Surgical approach consists in end-to-end anastomosis. In all our cases the graft was rejected, and the animals could only live 13 days as a maximum. We find tracheal mucosa is responsible for graft antigens. The results both clinical and(More)