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Introduction and Purpose of the Study Scientific literacy for all students has been a major educational goal in the United States understanding of science makes it possible to discuss scientific issues that affect society, to use scientific knowledge and processes in making personal decisions, and to share in the excitement of scientific discovery and(More)
A model of sedimentation-consolidation processes in so-called clarifier-thickener units is given by a parabolic equation describing the evolution of the local solids concentration coupled with a version of the Stokes system for an incompressible fluid describing the motion of the mixture. In cylindrical coordinates, and if an axially symmetric solution is(More)
The kinetics of fat cell adenylyl cyclase were studied, with AMP-P(NH)P and Mn++ or Mg++ as the divalent cation. In general, the reaction times were not linear. In the presence of fluoride or GMP-P(NH)P, the time curves were concave upwards; in other cases (i.e., basal activity, insulin, or isoproterenol), transient rates tended to decrease with time during(More)
Continuously operated clarifier-thickener units can be modeled by a non-linear, scalar conservation law with a flux that involves two parameters that depend discontinuously on the space variable. This paper presents two numerical schemes for the solution of this equation that have formal second-order accuracy in both the time and space variable. One of the(More)
The aim of this paper is to discuss the main characteristics of a low cost and consumption portable device, which is part of a system for ambulatory monitoring of patients with heart diseases. The solution is based on the microcontrollers MSP430F5419A and CC2540 (Bluetooth), both from Texas Instruments and the modem SIM908 from Simcom, which includes(More)
Sensory analysis studies are critical in the development of quality enhanced crops, and may be an important component in the public acceptance of genetically modified foods. It has recently been established that odor preferences are shared between humans and mice, suggesting that odor exploration behavior in mice may be used to predict the effect of odors(More)
A practical and multifunctional use of Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) in wireless applications is presented by demonstrating a system that realizes commercial band FM stereo transmission and meets specifications set by the FCC. This system contains the ability to synthesize passband signals that are modulated completely in the discrete time domain by(More)
CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0 International license not peer-reviewed) is the author/funder. It is made available under a The copyright holder for this preprint (which was. Abstract MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are short, single stranded RNA molecules that regulate the stability and translation of messenger RNAs in diverse eukaryotic groups. Several miRNA genes are of ancient(More)
G enetic engineering can improve crop quality and agronomic performance. Biotech crops produced by this technology can potentially benefit producers as well as consumers in both developed and developing countries. The creation of the first genetically engineered (GE) organisms in the 1970s initiated a still ongoing debate regarding their safety. Despite(More)
a r t i c l e i n f o a b s t r a c t Article history: Available online xxxx Keywords: Finite volume element method Sedimentation–consolidation process Navier–Stokes equations Inclined channels We are interested in the reliable simulation of the sedimentation of monodisperse suspensions under the influence of body forces. At the macroscopic level, the(More)
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