Héctor Silva Mella

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The bifid condylar process is a rare anomaly. Most of the known cases are radiographic findings, mainly in ortopantomography and nuclear magnetic resonance. The condition is usually asymptomatic, while in some cases are associated with ankylosis of the temporomandibular joint. It is reported that the presence of bifid condylar process is not determined by(More)
The infrared laser beams has been successfully used in joint lesions treatment due to its analgesic anti inflamatory and healing action, and on a cellular level, inducing an accentuated synthesis of ATP, activating cellular proliferation and collagen synthesis. Samples of normal-control and irradiated tissue from temporo-mandibular joint disc of rabbit,(More)
A noncontact infrared (IR) imaging-based methodology and signal recovery tools are applied on an enzyme reaction as a test target. The method is implemented by a long-wave (8-12 μm) IR microbolometer imaging array and a germanium-based IR optical vision. The reaction is carried out by the glucokinase, which produces a rapid exothermal release of energy that(More)
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