Héctor Sánchez

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Low power wireless sensor networks provide a new monitoring and control capability for civil and military applications in transportation, manufacturing, biomedical technology, environmental management, and safety and security systems. Low power integrated CMOS systems are being developed for microsensors, signal processors, microcontrollers, communication(More)
The Internet of Things is one of the ideas that has become increasingly relevant in recent years. It involves connecting things to the Internet in order to retrieve information from them at any time and from anywhere. In the Internet of Things, sensor networks that exchange information wirelessly via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee or RF are common. In this sense,(More)
This paper describes the effect of using an on-die metal High-K metal-insulator decoupling capacitor (on-die High-K MIM DECAP) in reducing simultaneous switching noise (SSN) for microprocessor packages. The SSN reduction for microprocessor packages due to on-die High-K MIM DECAP added to the IO-power delivery network (IO-PDN) is described using data(More)
Children at L2 primary levels acquire knowledge and language skills associated with different abilities through educational games. The game introduces learning activities by using playful elements as a source of motivation. The success of the game depends on an optimum relationship between challenge, fantasy, curiosity and control. This is also applied to(More)
We describe a specific problem within the foundry production area and its need for a cooperative visualization and geometry verification tool. We discuss the opportunity of building a specific application and its features: communication architecture and user interface. The conclusion is that it is possible to develop very specific and powerful products for(More)
Color measurements have traditionally been linked to expensive and difficult to handle equipment. The set of mathematical transformations that are needed to transfer a color that we observe in any object that doesn't emit its own light (which is usually called a color-object) so that it can be displayed on a computer screen or printed on paper is not at all(More)