Héctor P Lacassie

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UNLABELLED Minimal local analgesic concentrations (MLAC) have been used to determine the epidural analgesic potencies of bupivacaine and ropivacaine. There are no reports of the motor blocking potencies of these drugs. We sought to determine the motor block MLAC of both drugs and their relative potency ratio. Sixty ASA physical status I and II parturients(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Adequate comparison of blocking capabilities of local anesthetics should be done with some knowledge of their relative potencies. The objective of this clinical trial was to simultaneously determine the motor blocking minimum local anesthetic concentrations (MMLAC) and the relative potency ratios for racemic bupivacaine,(More)
To the Editor:—We read with interest the articles by Polley et al. and Benhamou et al. in which they simultaneously published the same study in terms of objective and design performed on different continents. Minimum local analgesic concentration results, including the potency ratios, were surprisingly different from expectations. In a similar study(More)
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