Héctor Navarro

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A new 2.5V CMOS large capacitive-load driver circuit, using a direct bootstrap technique, for low-voltage CMOS VLSI digital design is presented. The proposed driver circuit exhibits a high speed and low power consumption to drive large capacitive loads. We compare our driver structure with the direct bootstrap circuit [1] in terms of the product of three(More)
The original aim of the integral-imaging concept, reported by Gabriel Lippmann more than a century ago, is the capture of images of 3D scenes for their projection onto an autostereoscopic display. In this paper we report a new algorithm for the efficient generation of microimages for their direct projection onto an integral-imaging monitor. Like our(More)
Nowadays, Virtual Colonoscopy (VC) is an important non-invasive alternative for the study of the colon. Substantial research efforts have been dedicated to this method, and one of the major challenges has always been producing accurate results in a short period of time. One of the most crucial phases of VC is the detection of polyp candidates, where(More)
—This paper presents the design of an adia-batic/bootstrapped CMOS driver (xb–ad) using complementary pass–transistor logic (CPL) and a four–phase power clock. The proposed xb–ad uses a bootstrapped load driven circuit with PMOS and NMOS transistors driven by an NMOS evaluation logic block. When implemented on a 65nm CMOS 1V technology, under the large(More)
The topodiagnosis allows the physician to determine the topographic localization of pathology involving the facial nerve. It is based on clinical tests that evaluate the function of each one of the rami of the facial nerve. With a statistic of 873 patients, the Facial Nerve Group of Hospital das Clínicas, São Paulo University, found that suprageniculate(More)
Insular gliomas: clinic-radiological considerations, anesthetic decision and surgical aspects The insula represents a complex anatomic cortical structure being recovered by the operculum and superficially delimited by the sylvian fissure. Despite its initially non-ressecable consideration, insular pathologies actually have a standard position and represent(More)
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