Héctor Navarro

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A new 2.5V CMOS large capacitive-load driver circuit, using a direct bootstrap technique, for low-voltage CMOS VLSI digital design is presented. The proposed driver circuit exhibits a high speed and low power consumption to drive large capacitive loads. We compare our driver structure with the direct bootstrap circuit [1] in terms of the product of three(More)
Approximately half of all alcohol-related crime is violent crime associated with heavy episodic drinking. Multi-component interventions are highly acceptable to communities and may be effective in reducing alcohol-related crime generally, but their impact on alcohol-related violent crime has not been examined. This study evaluated the impact and(More)
The original aim of the integral-imaging concept, reported by Gabriel Lippmann more than a century ago, is the capture of images of 3D scenes for their projection onto an autostereoscopic display. In this paper we report a new algorithm for the efficient generation of microimages for their direct projection onto an integral-imaging monitor. Like our(More)
Nowadays, Virtual Colonoscopy (VC) is an important non-invasive alternative for the study of the colon. Substantial research efforts have been dedicated to this method, and one of the major challenges has always been producing accurate results in a short period of time. One of the most crucial phases of VC is the detection of polyp candidates, where(More)
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