Héctor M. Hernández

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Selenicereus tricae is a poorly known species from Belize, Guatemala, and Mexico. We present a morphological and anatomical description of this plant and provide data on its habitat and geographical distribution. In addition, we discuss its taxonomic affinities with S. inermis, S. wercklei, and S. rubineus, its hypothetical closest relatives. Selenicereus(More)
Calliandra bifoliolata, a new species endemic to Chiapas, Mexico, is described and illustrated. The new species is placed within series Macrophyllae and appears to be closely related to C. brenesii and C. grandifolia, from which it differs in the shrubby habit and the peculiar venation pattern of the leaflets. Se describe e ilustra Calliandra bifoliolata,(More)
Weberocereus alliodorus, a new cactus species from the southern slopes of the Sierra Madre del Sur, Oaxaca, Mexico, is described, illustrated, mapped, and compared to its putative closest relative, W. glaber. The new species is characterized by its three-winged stems with rigid and setose, relatively long spines, relatively large flowers, and fruits with a(More)
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