Héctor J. Ortiz-Peña

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This research is concerned with tracking moving ground targets, in an urban domain, using autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). The sharing of information amongst the UAVs is constrained by communication radius. A dynamic decentralized cooperative control strategy is implemented, in order for the UAVs to autonomously plan (and re-plan) their(More)
Accuracy and timeliness of collected information by sensors (e.g., humans, unmanned vehicles, etc.) to prevent the illegal movement of drugs across the U.S. border has become critically important to create a safe and secure border environment. Efficient coordination of limited and distributed resources to gather the information necessary to (a) predict(More)
We develop a mixed integer linear program (MILP) to maximize the information gain from a team of autonomous unmanned vehicles (UxVs). Our modeling and algorithmic development enables UxVs operating in a decentralized framework to develop flight plans that simultaneously adapt to the perceived environment and support Intelligence, Surveillance and(More)
Workflow management systems allow for visibility, control, and automation of many business processes. Recently, nonbusiness domains have taken an interest in the management of workflows, and the optimal assignment and scheduling of workflow tasks to users across a network. This research aims at developing a rigorous mathematical programming formulation of(More)
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