Héctor Guerrero

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The time required to image large samples is an important limiting factor in SPM-based systems. In multiprobe setups, especially when working with biological samples, this drawback can make impossible to conduct certain experiments. In this work, we present a feedfordward controller based on bang-bang and adaptive controls. The controls are based in the(More)
Immunoreactive gonadotrophic hormone-releasing hormone (ir-GnRH) was detected in extracts from optic tectum, cerebellum and brain stem of the Venezuelan freshwater fish "caribe colorado", Pygocentrus notatus by means of radioimmunoassay. Like most fishes from the area P. notatus, has a reproductive cycle closely related to environmental conditions changes.(More)
The catecholamines noradrenaline (NA), dopamine (DA), and adrenaline (A) were measured in hypothalamic and telencephalic extracts of the Venezuelan freshwater fish "caribe colorado," Pygocentrus notatus, at different stages of the reproductive cycle. The concentration of NA was found to be significantly higher in the telencephalon than in the hypothalamus,(More)
The distribution of GnRH in the brain of the teleost Pygocentrus notatus was demonstrated with the avidin-biotin peroxidase immunocytochemical method using highly specific antibody against synthetic mammalian GnRH. Optimal immunoreaction was obtained using: 1) Bouin's fluid for fixation; 2) repeated incubation with primary antiserum; 3) the use of a(More)
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