Héctor García-Moreno

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Acute sport exercise leads to a strong stimulation of muscle tissue and a change in the organism energy demands. This study was designed to investigate the effect of oral melatonin supplementation on human physiological functions associated with acute exercise. Immune, endocrine and metabolic parameters were measured in 16 young male football players, who(More)
BACKGROUND Nasal pain is a challenging diagnosis and very little has been reported in the neurological literature. The nose is a sophisticated structure regarding its innervation, which is supplied by the first and second divisions of the trigeminal nerve. Painful cranial neuropathies are an important group in the differential diagnosis, although they have(More)
Melatonin has documented cytoprotective effects on a wide variety of immune cells. The mechanism of action on mast cells (RBL-2H3) still remains in the dark. We found that melatonin significantly attenuated phorbol 12-myristate 13-acetate plus calcium ionophore A23187 (PMACI)-induced cytotoxicity in a concentration and time-dependent manner. It appears that(More)
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