Héctor Flores

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A number of studies have proposed interactive applications for blind people. One line of research is the use of interactive interfaces based on sound to enhance cognition in blind children. Even though these studies have emphasized learning and cognition, there is still a shortage of applications to assist the development and use of memory in these(More)
The putrescine content of oat leaf cells and protoplasts increases up to 60-fold within 6 hours of exposure to osmotic stress (0.4 to 0.6 molar sorbitol). Barley, corn, wheat, and wild oat leaves show a similar response. Increased arginine decarboxylase activity parallels the rise in putrescine, whereas ornithine decarboxylase remains unchanged.(More)
Science learning for blind people is limited. For a variety of reasons there is a very low emphasis on science learning for such users, especially those from deprived communities. We have designed, implemented and evaluated the usability of AudioNature, an audio-based interface implemented for pocketPC devices to assist with science learning in users with(More)
Existe una necesidad real de contar con sistemas para que personas con discapacidad visual mejoren las habilidades de movilidad y orientación, es especial para que los niños puedan mejorar su autonomía en el futuro. Sin embargo, estos sistemas deben ser diseñados acorde a los objetivos, metodologías y recursos disponibles, así como también considerando los(More)
  • ISOCAM Deep Surveys, D. Elbaz, +5 authors R. Mandolesi
  • 1999
We present the results of the five mid-IR 15 µm (12–18 µm LW3 band) ISOCAM Guaranteed Time Extragalac-tic Surveys performed in the regions of the Lockman Hole and Marano Field. The roughly 1000 sources detected, 600 of which have a flux above the 80% completeness limit, guarantee a very high statistical significance for the integral and differential source(More)
There is a real need to have systems for people with visual disabilities to be able to improve their orientation and mobility skills, and especially for children to be able to improve their autonomy into the future. However, these systems must be designed according to available objectives, methodologies and resources, as well as by taking the interests and(More)
We give an overview of the science case for spectroscopy of resolved stellar populations beyond the Local Group with the European Extremely Large Telescope (E-ELT). In particular, we present science simulations undertaken as part of the EAGLE Phase A design study for a multi–integral-field-unit, near-infrared spectrograph. EAGLE will exploit the(More)
This study presents the design, implementation, and usability evaluation of AudioNature, an audio-based interface implemented for pocketPC devices to assist science learning in users with visual impairments. The usability evaluation sessions helped to redesign the interface and adjust it to the user's mental model while operating a pocketPC mobile device.(More)