Héctor Eduardo Martínez-Flores

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Thermosonication has been successfully tested in food for microbial inactivation; however, changes in bioactive compounds and shelf-life of treated products have not been thoroughly investigated. Carrot juice was thermo-sonicated (24 kHz, 120 μm amplitude) at 50 °C, 54 °C and 58 °C for 10 min (acoustic power 2204.40, 2155.72, 2181.68 mW/mL, respectively).(More)
In this study the effect of calcium absorption on some physical properties and composition of rat femurs was evaluated, comparing rats fed with raw whole corn (RC), tortillas made from extruded masa with 0.25% lime content (TEWL) and without lime (TE), and nixtamal tortillas (NT). The diets were formulated to contain the same amount of protein, oil, fiber,(More)
Laccase amperometric biosensors were developed to detect the catechol compound. The laccase enzyme (LAC) immobilization was performed on nanostructures of (a) titania (TiO₂); (b) titania/Nafion (TiO₂/NAF) (both immobilized by the sol-gel method) and a third nanostructure, which consisted of a single biosensor composite of Nafion and laccase enzyme denoted(More)
The objective of this study was to microencapsulate Saccharomyces boulardii using the emulsion technique. To microencapsulate the yeast, alginate sodium blended with inulin and mucilage from Opuntiaficus-indica was used as a coating material. The textural properties of the gels formed by the encapsulating materials and the in vitro viability of the yeast(More)
Tamales were prepared with 3 nixtamalization processes (traditional, ecological, and classic) and evaluated for chemical composition, starch properties, and glycemic index. Resistant starch (RS) in tamales increased 1.6 to 3.7 times compared to raw maize. This increment was due to the starch retrogradation (RS3) and amylose-lipid complexes (RS5) formation.(More)
UNLABELLED The use of biosorbents to remove metals and metalloids from contaminated water systems has gained great usage in various parts of the world. The objective of the current study was to test lemon peels as biosorbents for As (V). Lemon peels were chemically characterized and arsenic contact experiments were performed to determine the adsorption(More)
The objective of this work was to evaluate the effect of alkaline cooking on the oxidative stability of oil in corn flour. A central composite design was used to study the combined effect of lime concentration (%) and steep time (h) on peroxide value (PV); specific extinction coefficients at 232 and 270 nm (K232 and K270); and FTIR absorbance at 3009(More)
The quality of extruded snacks can be affected not only by processing conditions, but also by some factors like the concentration and type of ingredients incorporated in their formulation and the working conditions used. Although the process conditions have been established with measurable textural properties, sensory qualities have not been correlated with(More)
The combination of ultrasound and mild temperatures to process fruits and vegetables juices is a novel approach that is showing promising results for microbial inactivation and preservation of bioactive compounds and sensory attributes. This study centers on investigating the inactivation of Escherichia coli (ATCC 11755) in carrot juice as a result of the(More)
The effect of adding different preservatives on the shelf life of corn tortillas prepared from extruded masa was evaluated. The following preservatives were evaluated: Na-propionate; K-sorbate; Cahydroxide; and propyl-paraben. Blends of these preservatives in different concentrations were also evalauted. The tortillas treated with preservatives were studied(More)
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